Friday, September 9, 2016

How to fix squishy defects/cracks

After gently squishing the squishies that I've had for 3 weeks, I started noticing cracks/defects along the creases and next to the sealant on the creases. I managed to fix the cracks and defects by using Jones Tones Plexi Glue that calisthenics use to attach applique, trims, beads, etc to their stretchy costumes. I am not sure if any other fabric glue are ok to use.

Plexi Glue pic sourced from
I got the hang version :)

I hope this will help the squishy obssessed save their (favourite) squishies!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CreamiiCandy 4th order of squishies (Still waiting on 3rd. hah!)

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So delighted to receive this 4th order this morning from CreamiiCandy!! :D It is a small order but a great one nonetheless. Still waiting on the 3rd and 5th orders to arrive. Hope they arrive this week!!

When I opened the package, the first smell that hit me was... CHOCOLATE!!

I received:
1) Chawa Italian Bread - Brown/Chocolate
2) CreamiiCandy collaboration with Puni Maru Heart Donut - Chocolate
3) Hello Kitty toast (Just a little extra delightful surprise!)

Not too sure if the Hello Kitty toast has any smell to start with but it now smells like chocolate!! :D I am notorious for trying to keep the squishies in their packages for as long as possible but for the sake of squishing videos that I would like to start doing in the future, I'll have to open them!

Please note that I actually paid for these squishies (minus the surprise extras).

I am on instagram by the name of jojoscraftylove :)


Friday, August 19, 2016

CreamiiCandy squishies obsession!!


Hello everyone!

It has been AGES since I last posted anything on here. Unfortunately my craftymojo have been doing really short visits and just not getting me motivated to do any sewing or needle felting. :(

However, I have made a few tote bags that I have drafted myself. Pics to follow later!

Also, I am SO OBSSESSED with kawaii squishies from CreamiiCandy!! I have ordered 3 lots of squishies from their website and I am loving the ASMR relaxation from the plastic crinkles to the squishies rising back to its form after being squished!

I started my own squishy rating too. lol! TRIPLE S: SOFT, SQUISHY and SLOW RISING

First haul I got (All Triple S rating):
1) Chawa Jumbo 9 Gain Wheat Italian Bread - White
2) Puni Maru Jumbo Bakery - Chocolate scented Kitty Cornet
3) Puni Maru Jumbo Mochi Seal - Chocolate (The mini seals have magnets, the jumbo doesn't)
4) The 2 random squishies (Burger and Rilakkuma toast) are from CreamiiCandy's starter squishy grab bag. There are actually 10 squishies, which I have given 8 away. They have now tweaked it to 3 different types of bags.

Second haul:
Puni Maru Scented Animal Buns - They are SO DAMN CUTE! They also smell so yummy!!
Butter Bear, Strawberry Pig, Chocolate Panda and Green Tea Frog. Still kicking myself for not getting the Butter Tiger while it was still available!
I give them MY Triple S rating! SOFT, SQUISHY and SLOW RISING!
They have also included a small extra for this haul. A cute toast charm, which I have also given away.

That's it for now! I will post another update when I receive my 3rd haul, hopefully next week! It's a small haul but I can't wait!! They will also have NEW squishies next month. CANNOT WAIT!!

Here's a drawing I made of Yummiibear, which is CreamiiCandy's mascot!

Don't forget if you are planning to buy from CreamiiCandy, coupon code for 10% off full priced items: jojosquishylove

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Needle felted Hamanaka Pandas kit and Penguin cube!

Hamanaka Pink and Grey Pandas Ki!

Cube penguin adapted from a needle felting book!

Moving house sucks. Especially when it comes to rentals. *sighs* ANYWAY, how cute are the pandas and the cube penguin?? This is the Hamanaka Wool Felt Pandas kit, which I purchased from etsy. The pandas have a round ball body with tail nubs. Very simple but kawaii kit!

As for the cube penguin, I adapted it from a chinese needle felting book, which is not available from the same etsy seller at the moment. It is one of the best needle felting books I've come across! It has really kawaii needle felted goodies in there AND it also teaches the basic techniques to start off your projects. I use Hamanaka core wool for all my projects. Melamine foam (as the core) unfortunately doesn't work out for me.

When I am truly settled in the new RENTAL, I will look at making needle felting tutorials! :D


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Needle Felted Kawaii Marshmallows: Mr and Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow

Mr and Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow!

I initially made Mr Kawaii Marshmallow just because I "felt" like it. Hah! Then I started making a pink coloured Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow to accompany Mr Kawaii Marshmallow. I turned them both into brooches and wear them out. I encouraged my colleagues at work to squish it and they are just like squishy marshmallows! :D

From some media sources, I am able to see how great some of the needle felted projects are! I make my needle felted projects less fluffy/fuzzy as possible as less fluffiness creates a cleaner/ sharper, finished look. Also, I "shallow-felt" to finish up the project so it doesn't end up with big felting needle holes as needle felted projects are prone to.

Mr. Kawaii Marshmallow and Mr Kawaii Cloud is made with Hamanaka Core Wool, needle felted into shape and then covered with Hamanaka's Twinkle Series felting wool in white. It looks like glossy wool. Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow is covered with Hamanaka light pink wool. More shaping and shallow needle felting later, I poke 2 holes with an awl then glued the eyes into place. Then I finish off the projects with kawaii pink cheeks and a cute smile!

I am hoping that I will be able to make a tutorial for Mr and Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow AND Mr Kawaii Cloud soon!!

For now, thank you & enjoy! :D

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hamanaka Penguin and Hamster needle felting kit

Yep, I gave the hamster longer ears so it looks more like a rabbit instead with a nub tail (not pictured).

It's a fun kit and it took almost 2 hours for each animal.

For the blue penguin, you have to wrap the blue felt around TWICE to get the colour to pop, including the white for the tummy. I used 2 layers but I think 3 layers will make the white tummy stand out more.

As for the hamster/rabbit, one layer of the yellow felt is enough.

FYI, the blue, white and yellow felt came in felt sheets. No, regular pieces of felt from the craft stores will not work! As for the core wool, it came in a really thick sheet of short fibre wool, which is absolutely fantastic compared to roving merino wool!

If you are interested in purchasing the Hamanaka Core Wool on it's own, you can purchase it from 1127handcrafter at etsy.
 Packaged Hamanaka Core Wool

Hamanaka Core Wool 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Needle felted flowers, kawaii cloud and bunny!

These are all made with a mix of Hamanaka Wool Candy, Dream Felt economy batt and core felt.

The ones with smiley faces and the big purple flowers are covered by Hamanaka Wool Candy. The flowers are all made with coloured economy batts.

For Hamanaka supplies, I purchase from: 1127handcrafter at Etsy. Best prices and fast shipping!

Not sure if you could see it but I covered this kawaii cloud with Hamanaka Twinkle Series Wool and it's actually a bit brighter and shiny! :D

I hope to make tutorials one day! Right now, I am still fiddling with needle felting goodies, camera and tripod.

Enjoy!! :D