Sunday, July 6, 2014

Needle felted Hamanaka Pandas kit and Penguin cube!

Hamanaka Pink and Grey Pandas Ki!

Cube penguin adapted from a needle felting book!

Moving house sucks. Especially when it comes to rentals. *sighs* ANYWAY, how cute are the pandas and the cube penguin?? This is the Hamanaka Wool Felt Pandas kit, which I purchased from etsy. The pandas have a round ball body with tail nubs. Very simple but kawaii kit!

As for the cube penguin, I adapted it from a chinese needle felting book, which is not available from the same etsy seller at the moment. It is one of the best needle felting books I've come across! It has really kawaii needle felted goodies in there AND it also teaches the basic techniques to start off your projects. I use Hamanaka core wool for all my projects. Melamine foam (as the core) unfortunately doesn't work out for me.

When I am truly settled in the new RENTAL, I will look at making needle felting tutorials! :D