Friday, May 4, 2012

Kitchenaid Platinum Collection or Artisan Mixer vs Breville BEM800

Here are some links to compare the Kitchenaid Platinum Collection mixer, Kitchenaid Artisan mixer and the Breville BEM800.

Kitchenaid Platinum Collection KSM156 - Candy Apple Red + Information
Kitchenaid Platinum Collection KSM156 - Other colours (Metallic Colours in this collection)

Kitchenaid Artisan Range KSM150 - Empire Red + Information
Kitchenaid Artisan Range KSM150 - Other colours

Breville Scraper Pro BEM800 - Silver
Breville Scraper Pro BEM800CB - Cranberry Red

Basically, the Breville is more technologically advanced with the LED light to indicate the power range, timer, load sensing technology, lift assist handles and includes a spatula.

It all comes down to personal preference with me as I'd prefer the retro, metallic red colour and manual-manner of the Kitchenaid mixer.

Candy Apple Red Kitchenaid Platinum Collection

I am happy to announce that my husband and I are proud parents to a Candy Apple Red Kitchenaid Platinum Collection mixer!!!

I have been researching for the past few weeks about which mixer I want to purchase. Here's my simplest prduct comparisons (from the Kitchenaid and Breville websites) minus reviews. Kitchenaid always gets the FIRST preference but because it is so damn expensive here in Australia AUD$799, I thought I'd go for the alternative, Breville BEM800 AUD$440~$479. After lots of research and indecisiveness, I thought I'd go for the Breville BEM800 because of the raving reviews, which is as great as the Kitchenaid mixer. Then I couldn't make up my mind again...

After speaking to my colleagues and a friend, whose mum has a red Kitchenaid Artisan mixer, I've then decided that I will put the Candy Apple Red Kitchenaid mixer on layby since I don't have the moolah to pay it upfront. Instead, my dear wonderfulest and bestest husband said he will contribute to our Candy Apple Red Kitchenaid mixer so we can take her home on the same day. WOOHOO! HEAVEN!!! It did put a huge dent in our bank account BUT we are very happy with Scarlet. Even my manly husband reckons she is an awesome machine! I have not made anything as yet. Just admiring how beautiful, sexy and sturdy Scarlet is! Even the attachments are sturdy!

If I have decided to go ahead with the Breville BEM800 instead, I wouldn't have been as happy because in my heart and soul, Kitchenaid would always be the one and only! You know, that nagging feeling when you get the next best alternative but your heart is on your very first choice...

Anyway, enough blabbing! Here are some more pictures.

Comes with a glass bowl

 Speed 1, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

 Defaults to Lock all the time
I'm not too sure if the Artisan models have this feature

Glass Bowl
Flex Edge Flat Beater
 Flat Beater
Dough Hook
(All accessories are made of stainless steel except for the glassbowl)
NOT pictured: Warranty paperwork, Instructions booklet, Care leaflet for the glassbowl and Kitchenaid DVD (How to use and includes some recipes)

I am not too sure if the 'cap' is in the Artisan models but Scarlet comes with the 'cap' already attached
From what I could see in a Youtube video, the Artisan model uses a 'washer' instead of the 'cap'