Sunday, June 15, 2014

Needle Felted Kawaii Marshmallows: Mr and Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow

Mr and Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow!

I initially made Mr Kawaii Marshmallow just because I "felt" like it. Hah! Then I started making a pink coloured Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow to accompany Mr Kawaii Marshmallow. I turned them both into brooches and wear them out. I encouraged my colleagues at work to squish it and they are just like squishy marshmallows! :D

From some media sources, I am able to see how great some of the needle felted projects are! I make my needle felted projects less fluffy/fuzzy as possible as less fluffiness creates a cleaner/ sharper, finished look. Also, I "shallow-felt" to finish up the project so it doesn't end up with big felting needle holes as needle felted projects are prone to.

Mr. Kawaii Marshmallow and Mr Kawaii Cloud is made with Hamanaka Core Wool, needle felted into shape and then covered with Hamanaka's Twinkle Series felting wool in white. It looks like glossy wool. Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow is covered with Hamanaka light pink wool. More shaping and shallow needle felting later, I poke 2 holes with an awl then glued the eyes into place. Then I finish off the projects with kawaii pink cheeks and a cute smile!

I am hoping that I will be able to make a tutorial for Mr and Mrs Kawaii Marshmallow AND Mr Kawaii Cloud soon!!

For now, thank you & enjoy! :D