Wednesday, August 24, 2016

CreamiiCandy 4th order of squishies (Still waiting on 3rd. hah!)

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So delighted to receive this 4th order this morning from CreamiiCandy!! :D It is a small order but a great one nonetheless. Still waiting on the 3rd and 5th orders to arrive. Hope they arrive this week!!

When I opened the package, the first smell that hit me was... CHOCOLATE!!

I received:
1) Chawa Italian Bread - Brown/Chocolate
2) CreamiiCandy collaboration with Puni Maru Heart Donut - Chocolate
3) Hello Kitty toast (Just a little extra delightful surprise!)

Not too sure if the Hello Kitty toast has any smell to start with but it now smells like chocolate!! :D I am notorious for trying to keep the squishies in their packages for as long as possible but for the sake of squishing videos that I would like to start doing in the future, I'll have to open them!

Please note that I actually paid for these squishies (minus the surprise extras).

I am on instagram by the name of jojoscraftylove :)


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  1. I like your blog. Maybe you can check out mine because I like squishies too.