Friday, August 19, 2016

CreamiiCandy squishies obsession!!


Hello everyone!

It has been AGES since I last posted anything on here. Unfortunately my craftymojo have been doing really short visits and just not getting me motivated to do any sewing or needle felting. :(

However, I have made a few tote bags that I have drafted myself. Pics to follow later!

Also, I am SO OBSSESSED with kawaii squishies from CreamiiCandy!! I have ordered 3 lots of squishies from their website and I am loving the ASMR relaxation from the plastic crinkles to the squishies rising back to its form after being squished!

I started my own squishy rating too. lol! TRIPLE S: SOFT, SQUISHY and SLOW RISING

First haul I got (All Triple S rating):
1) Chawa Jumbo 9 Gain Wheat Italian Bread - White
2) Puni Maru Jumbo Bakery - Chocolate scented Kitty Cornet
3) Puni Maru Jumbo Mochi Seal - Chocolate (The mini seals have magnets, the jumbo doesn't)
4) The 2 random squishies (Burger and Rilakkuma toast) are from CreamiiCandy's starter squishy grab bag. There are actually 10 squishies, which I have given 8 away. They have now tweaked it to 3 different types of bags.

Second haul:
Puni Maru Scented Animal Buns - They are SO DAMN CUTE! They also smell so yummy!!
Butter Bear, Strawberry Pig, Chocolate Panda and Green Tea Frog. Still kicking myself for not getting the Butter Tiger while it was still available!
I give them MY Triple S rating! SOFT, SQUISHY and SLOW RISING!
They have also included a small extra for this haul. A cute toast charm, which I have also given away.

That's it for now! I will post another update when I receive my 3rd haul, hopefully next week! It's a small haul but I can't wait!! They will also have NEW squishies next month. CANNOT WAIT!!

Here's a drawing I made of Yummiibear, which is CreamiiCandy's mascot!

Don't forget if you are planning to buy from CreamiiCandy, coupon code for 10% off full priced items: jojosquishylove

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