Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hamanaka Penguin and Hamster needle felting kit

Yep, I gave the hamster longer ears so it looks more like a rabbit instead with a nub tail (not pictured).

It's a fun kit and it took almost 2 hours for each animal.

For the blue penguin, you have to wrap the blue felt around TWICE to get the colour to pop, including the white for the tummy. I used 2 layers but I think 3 layers will make the white tummy stand out more.

As for the hamster/rabbit, one layer of the yellow felt is enough.

FYI, the blue, white and yellow felt came in felt sheets. No, regular pieces of felt from the craft stores will not work! As for the core wool, it came in a really thick sheet of short fibre wool, which is absolutely fantastic compared to roving merino wool!

If you are interested in purchasing the Hamanaka Core Wool on it's own, you can purchase it from 1127handcrafter at etsy.
 Packaged Hamanaka Core Wool

Hamanaka Core Wool 

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