Thursday, August 4, 2011

Some of my older other craft work

Very pic heavy! I used to be known as "For the LOVE of Paperart" but due to my love of other crafts, I've changed it to jojo's buttons. "jojo's buttons" is initially for my other craft, fabric covered buttons, but I haven't made any since there are millions of fabric covered buttons and accessories out there. I will try my hands on covered buttons down the track but not with fabric.

The babies are actually drawn on tracing paper as I don't have the stamps for it. Credit goes to Stampin' Up! 

 Love at first sight when I saw this stamp! So cute! =)

This is a slim gift pouch for a best friend (and colleague AND childhood buddy) who left my work for greener pastures. She's studying to be a paramedic and she's one of my personal heroes! (October 2009)
This slim gift pouch is clever! The ribbon on the top pulls out the gift as it is wrapped around the gift vertically inside. If you would like to learn how to make this slim gift pouch, here's the youtube video: Candy Bar Slider with Dawn to Dawn's Stamping Thoughts. She is an absolute gem for posting her skills in youtube and sharing them with the world! (Decoration was my idea)

 We were sad to see her go (Some colleagues cried!) but we are very happy for her and what she's achieved and achieving!

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