Thursday, August 4, 2011

Clover mat makes REALLY VERY fuzzy felting..

So I've tried, the Clover felting mat can be used for both flat and sculptural/3D needle felting. The only iffy thing about the Clover mat is that the bristles are like the hookey side of the velcro that keeps "fuzzing" up the projects. Money-wise and personally, I'd go for the cheaper option of the block of foam to create less super fuzzy needle felting projects. Although the Clover felting mat lasts longer, the block of foam is more ideal with making both flat and 3D needle felting objects with a cleaner look.

Clover natural wool roving is used for this "photoshoot". 

Very therapeutic but not very keen on the outcome, especially on the reverse side. 

  The Clover mat bristles hold on to the felt during the needle felting process hence the felt fuzzes when peeled away from the Clover mat bristles.

Super le-fuzz!

I've cleaned up 2 of the petals needle felting on the syrofoam block (HUGE NO-NO! I'm still waiting for the blocks of foam I ordered from Felt Alive's online store, Once again, styrofoam is NOT GOOD for your needle felting projects as the needle felting process tends to pick up bits of styrofoam and embed it into your project.

There may be needle felters out there who likes the fuzzy look but I personally prefer the clearner, less-le-fuzz look.

Each to their own. =)

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