Thursday, July 28, 2011

Needle felting update: Just a little one!


Just a word of advice, do NOT use styrofoam blocks to needle felt! Little bits of white styrofoam will get stuck in your projects and it is sometimes difficult to dig out. Don't let the styrofoam ruin you "hard felt work"! ;-)

On the other hand... Needle felting an egg. Took me hours! BUT I was doing something else in between needle felting too. Still though. HOURS! :-/ Practice practice practice. ARRR! I've yet to try wet felting. Saw videos on wet felting wool into a ball. I will try that someday! There's a BUT. According to an experienced needle felter and my personal inspiration to start making needle felted eggs, asherjasper from etsy has mentioned in one of her listings that it is not as easy needle felting onto a wet felted item, such as a ball or egg. Besides being an inspiration, she makes the CUTEST egg-and-ball-shaped, theme-based characters. You should check out her work: Asherjasper from etsy.

Now! Lucky Australian eggs are not as big. Teehee!!

PS: Just discovered that needle felters use "wool batting" as the core and apparently it felts quicker, hence a quick nice round egg! Harrumph!! I just purchased 2 pounds (Almost 1kg) worth of wool batting off the Felt Alive's website: Needle felting supplies. Kay Petal is the owner and founder of Felt Alive, making her famous sculptural caricatures of famous people and friends! Check out her website. It's absolutely full of information on needle felting. Yays! It is so damn difficult to find wool batting suitable for needle felting in Australia??

Happy felting! =)

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