Thursday, July 21, 2011

Back to crocheting and started needle felting!

Have I been lazy or what!? I have been lazy AND what. :D I have been lazy (been sick as a dog too but better now!), not doing much, just "thinking". BAD but at least I have done some little things.

So! I have been "thinking" about starting on my wedding invitations but I can't be stuffed. AT THE MOMENT. What I've done so far... I've started to crochet again and have been learning them visually on youtube (THANK YOU CROCHETGEEK, Teresa!). Learned needle felting today and stabbed my left thumb TWICE on almost the same spot! Oh, I believe the barbed needles are sharp when the warning is advertised everywhere (packaging and youtube videos) but it just so happened that my right hand was needlefelting while I was holding the wool with my left thumb and index finger. 

Enough blabbing. Here's what I've done so far! Pictures are taken by the iphone so quality is not that great. I promise that I will update with better pictures tomorrow, including the tools I used for needlefelting. :D

My 3D flowers! YAAAHHHH!!

My needle felted macarons! YAAAHHH!!
Whole thing is manipulated from Clover's Natural Wool Roving
No stuffing at all! 

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