Friday, April 25, 2014

Needle Felted Hamanaka Kit Welsh Corgi and Hamanaka Wool Candy Haul!

I made a needle felted Corgi. It took 6 hours. 6 HOURS!! It was worth it even if it didn't look like the one on the packaging.

I learned about Hamanaka Wool Candy and the Hamanaka Kits from Maqaroon's Youtube videos.

For the needle felted Welsh Corgi, I use the Hamanaka Kit from etsy shop Hallowinko. I am too embarrassed to show more photos of it!

As shown below are felting wool haul that I got from 2 etsy shops: hallowinko and 1127handcrafter. Both sellers are from Hong Kong. (Please ignore the price tags as they are in HK$)

The next 2 photos are Hamanaka Felket Needle Felting Wool. Not really worth it in my opinion BUT it helps make needle felting faster. I didn't know until I've received it (small price difference, Felket is a bit more expensive)
Felket is a piece of wool for needle felting. I vaguely remember one piece is only 15cm x 22cm.

More Hamanaka Wool Candy-liciousness!

Hamanaka Wool Candy Twinkle Series

Hamanaka Colored Wool Series
Shetland & Organic Wool (so soft!) 

The wool below is 1127handcrafter's own brand of short fibre wool.
The seller is nice enough to send me a sample to try and I absolutely love it! It is so much easier and a lot faster to neede felt with! I don't have to cut or pull a long sliver if I need a small amount.

Hope this post is kind of informative! :D

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