Friday, December 6, 2013

My Tribest Personal Blender PB350 with Mason Jars! Pic heavy of the PB350 goodies! :o)

30th post for my 30th Birthday (last Friday)! :D

A few people told me that once I get to 30, it's downhill from there. It has already happened! I got really bad coughs from post nasal drips especially during night time and nosebleeds from severe hayfever. So I was home and watching the Nutribullet infomercial, I want one of those!! After extensive research online, I landed on the Whirlpool forum and someone suggested the Tribest personal blender. After some more extensive research, I bought myself a Tribest PB350 (because the PB350XL is sold out! Boohoo!). I purchased my Tribest PB350 from Raw Pleasure. They also sell extra cups and accessories!

It arrived today. YAY!!! :D

I have taken some photos of the products if anyone is interested in seeing kinda up-close pics of the products. I am the kind of person who likes to see pics of products that I cannot physically see at a shop. So here are the pics!

The full set of Tribest Personal Blender PB350 model with mason jars.
What you get:
  • 200 watt blender base
  • 1x 425ml (12oz) BPA free plastic cup
  • 1x 250ml (8oz) BPA free plastic cup
  • 1x 360ml Drinking mug with lid
  • 1x 75ml (4oz) Mason jar with lid
  • 1x 175ml (8oz) Mason jar with lid
  • 1x 300ml (12oz) Mason jar with lid
  • 1x Mason jar attachment
  • 2x BPA free plastic cover lids
  • 1x BPA free sippy cut lid
  • 1x Blender attachment
  • 1x Grinder attachment
  • 1x Manual (with recipes!)

Here are the 2 BPA free plastic cups in sizes 250ml (80z) and 425ml (12oz). There are measurement markings on the cups. Visible when picture is enlarged.

Feels like thick durable plastic. Not flimsy at all!

Here are the 4 glass jars. The drinking mug comes with a BPA free plastic lid (360ml). 

The 3 mason jars with lids (Quilted mason jars - You can purchase them separately on eBay by searching for "quilted jars") come in sizes ~75ml (4oz), ~175ml (8oz) and ~300ml (12oz). 

To the left is the glass jars and drinking mug attachment for the blender and grinder attachment.

Then there are 2 BPA free cover lids and sippy cup cover.

The one on the left is the grinder attachment and the one on the right is the blender attachment.

Close up of blender attachment.

Close up of grinder attachment.

The backside of the blender and grinder attachments. It is made of durable rubber instead of plastic.

BPA free plastic cup attached to the grinder attachment and then placed on the blender.

Unlock: Good for pulsing

Lock: Running/Ongoing of grinding/blending

The blender! There's a little button to the right for activating the blender.

The mason jars and drinking jug attachment in action!

The grinder/blender attachment screwed onto the glass jars attachment that's screwed onto the glass jar. hehe

The grinder/blender attachment screwed onto the glass jars attachment that's screwed onto the glass jug. :D

Aaand another pic of the glass jar attachment with the blender/grinder attachment screwed onto the drinking jug.

Lastly, the manual. It also contains recipes! Yay! :D

Someone managed to poke holes through 2 boxes while on transit to me! :/

Hope these photos have helped in anyway! I have not made any drinks yet as it's 2.08am now... Don't think my husband would appreciate the noise! haha

I will try to post more photos and maybe a video of the Tribest personal blender in action very soon! :D



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    1. Still going strong and making great smoothies! :o)

  2. I know you made this blog post ages ago, but do you have that blender? I'm doing a design project on it and I can't find accurate measurements of it anywhere :/ If you still have it could you please do some measurements for me?

  3. Hi I am sultan from Pakistan.
    I want blender parts.