Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Origami addiction!!

As usual, been super slack at updating my blog BUT that's because I didn't have much to offer/show...

Seeing that I have dipped my hands on using different materials and making different things, I have gone back to paper! I absolutely LOVE IT! I've gotten myself into origami now and have folded a couple of complex origami designs. I learned how to make them from Youtube. Both tutorials are taught by Sara Adams, Youtube name AdamsSara.

(Designer: Dennis Walker)
 Tracing paper Snowflake
 Tracing paper Snowflake
 Backside of tracing paper Snowflake

Silver pearly paper Snowflake

Tessellation: Star Puff!
(Designer: Ralf Konrad)

Backside of Star Puff Tessellation

I should update my blog more often and will soon when I start making cards again! :)

Enjoy crafting!!

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